A downloadable game for Windows

Disclaimer: This game contains non-consensual sex. You have been warned.

Originally built for the Strawberry Jam 2, ran the time limit almost to the end with something I worked far less than I'd wanted to.

Yami-Chan snuck into the library's restricted section, and one curious book caught her attention. Next thing she knew, she was in an unknown place filled with various beings that want to have their way with her.

Will she be able to escape the Cursed Book's entrapment, or will she fall prey to her lust?

(Well nobody knows because there's only like one corridor!)

Install instructions

Just extract somewhere (preferably in a new folder) and run the executable.


Yami-Chan in the Cursed Book jam Tech Demo.zip 12 MB


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tested it

Well, that does show me I screwed up when setting up the music and it doesn't loop as it should. Thanks!