A downloadable game for Windows

Erika has been sent on a job, with little information and even less clothing, to rescue someone trapped within their own dream.

Fight your way through a variety of enemies that want to have their way with Erika as she explores the mysterious dreamspace!

(Requires the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP, downloadable from this link. In a future update this requirement will be removed!)

Install instructions

Extract wherever and run Game.exe


Dream Walker Erika LewdJam A Demo.zip 12 MB
Dream Walker Erika LewdJam B Demo.zip 12 MB

Development log


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Just curious, but is this going to recieve contne updates? I cannot find anything past the decenber last year update for progress. This seems like an intersesting game concept, and it's fun too!

Sadly, for the time being there are no plans of adding or updating more content into this game although they were there originally, mostly due to a lack of time and plans.

Is there a walkthrough?

No, there isn't. I assume you're having trouble with the levers puzzle?


The solution to that one is a clue in a hidden room that can only be accessed if you activated the one lever next to the entrance. If after checking this out, you need more help, hit me up through Discord or post something in my Discord ( https://discord.gg/mbjKfCU ) for a hopefully faster and/or more detailed reply.